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  KEEC (I) Pvt. Ltd.

Worker's Safety
KEEC(I) Pvt. Ltd. provides the following personnel protective equipment is provided to each and every workman and shall be made use of:
  • Safety Helmets
  • Safety Shoes – Regular for normal work and Rubber soled for working in the vicinity of live lines
  • Work Clothes – Apart from the above, the following items are available in the stores and shall be borrowed and used by workers as and when required.
  • Safety Belts.
  • Hand Gloves
  • Eye protection goggles & welding shields
  • Respiratory filters
  • Steel Capped safety bonds
HealthCare & Welfare
The occupational health, safety and welfare of all employees engaged in the work site, is the primary concern of M/s. KEEC(I) PRIVATE LIMITED, and several measures have already been introduced in this regard.

However, depending upon the specific condition and type of work, safety procedures will have to be evolved and implemented by the site incharge, which is responsible to ensure that all the workers working under him shall observe the SAFETY CODES.

The hazardous working Area / Conditions shall be identified and work carried out under direct Supervision of the Engineer Supervisor